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will be especially difficult for people trying to get to the oakland international airport. they are in eliminating the 805 that runs late at night to the international airport. perhaps a lot of people looking for taxicabs no service from the airport from midnight-5:00 a.m. and when it comes to saturday, sunday will also be difficult for people to get too out of the way places like lake merritt college. they will not be able to get there because they are stopping service on the 54. that runs from fruitvale forbart, and another place that is going to see a lot of service is the campus are around uc-berkeley. and also around berkeley/bart. the 65, the 57, the 25, the 49, the f. all of these are going to be eliminated in december. when all of these cuts go into
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effect. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> the reality of losing overnight service is starting to hit home for a lot of people that depend on ac transit buses in order to get a round. several writers reported that haaziq madyun and how difficult it will be. several commuters. to lose their transportation. >> how are you going to get to work? >> i do not know, i did one boss, and in another city boss. and i cannot wait or take my children. >> it is terrible. if you do not have a vehicle it is the only way to get a round. and if you have children? what other alternatives to we really have? >> we have other things and people that are sick, ill, perhaps a back injury. so, when i catch the bus is easier for me. >> to visit my baby, go to my meetings, and go to church a lot of places. to my mom's. to do
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business. a whole lot of things. we do not need them to cut the boss. >> ac transit says that in october, further cuts will be considered including reducing the operating hours on those weekend lines that were not cut now. an independent panel be set up to probe the factors leading to the san bruno gas line explosion. this is video from september 9th. the california public utilities commission is also calling for a review of management practices at pg&e. to see if anything could of been preventative. and members are also pressing pg&e to cover the cost of the panel's investigation. cleanup started on the ash covered neighborhood and christine connolly is there, live. christine? >> pamela, the cleanup began at 8:00 a.m. it was supposed to go until 6:00 p.m. as we take a live look. it is excavator is standing still. it has been like
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that for quite some time. we do not know officially wide but they would stop work if the wind picked up. and officially-white and it is very breezy. and perhaps that is why-why? >> let me show you earlier. they started this morning with some of the fern of vehicles there were in their way to cure of the allowed crews to some of the desperate of vehicles, and now to focus on homes. they're doing one property at a time. with huge excavators' the declaring of the metal, the prash, debris, and shutthe health department is concerned that there could be toxic chemicals which explains the air filters on the breeding monitoring and the white suits. >> desperate mac. >> as were on this property,-and
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we're monitoring the air quality, constantly and the breeze. and to move different neighborhoods, up one, down want and areas that are in one half mile radius. >> you can see the debris holding a way it is wrapped in plastic to keep the dust from flying off into the air with and also, water tankers spring down the ash. when they dig through it they can make sure that it stays contained in the water tankers are springing on the ash. >> each property has this status board. shows the different phases that they are going through. the final phase is that each property owner will be given a clean certification. that means that nothing will be left on the property with a clean slate all of the rubble will be gone 3-4 weeks. that is expected to take three-four weeks. >> an assault that took place on
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tuesday, that campus police are looking to beef up patrols to prevent any future incidences. >> this parking garage at san jose community college has campus police on alert and people on edge. >> a female student was walking up when she was attacked and an assailant pushed her against this wall. and he was trying to attempt to break. she was able to get away and he is quite/hispanic in the 40's about 6 ft. tall, 20 0 lbs.. dan and this does not fit the usual profile usually or assault cases both parties are known. and there some type of relationship. however, an attack with an unidentified subject is unusual for us. >> they say that it took place in the middle of the day and if the are unsafe? close to the campus. making it difficult for police campus.
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>> and 41 patrol at a time and a foot up a surveillance camera. and the only have one patrol at the time. >> they're released this sketch of trying to sexually assault on a drill and san jose. she was jogging and snell road and calling drive on a sunday morning. she was a will to fight off the suspect-calling drive-- and mid 20s, with brown hair, brown eyes. a man posing as a police officer robert a woman after handcuffing her and accusing her of being under the influence of drugs. this was in tuesday in san leandro. he was wearing a police tight outfit and driving a s u v that red- blue flashing lights. he is described as a black male, mid 30's that was clean shaven, bald. people are warning to look at it officer's badge, and name tag on there contacted by any
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police. an accident clean life of a san jose man early this morning. the alton expressway. you can see that police say that the motorcycle swerved in order to avoid colliding a pickup truck. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the northbound was shut down for several hours and the driver of the pickup was not seriously hurt. >> the way of increasing bicyclists from berkeley police have stepped up enforcement. the team of berkeley police have concentrated their efforts on bicycle riders who failed to stop it intersections. there's already been one to nine collision/ericson's with bicycles in berkeley, this year. 129. >> sunday, warmer, this afternoon with temperatures in the '70s, the is for the most part. still in the 60s for the most part, with 63 and half moon bay, 66 in san francisco, 80s, inland, is in the north bay. and
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temperatures are of five, 10 degrees and was or, yesterday. not as much woman on the coast and the big change coming up over the next several days. inasmuch-warming. with 10 degrees behalin redwood city, ad this trip warming trend will continue. torture weekend. details coming up on your full forecast. -towards your weekend. and towards the lower deck of the bay bridge is at a standstill. at the bottom, the ones are one is moving towards the peninsula at the medium clip. we will be back with a lot more news. fifth
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>> bay area roads among the worst in the nation and a silicon valley was the worst. 64% are considered to be the worst in concord was fourth and followed by the san francisco/oakland. however, as jeff bush shows us concord is not agree. >> city officials of the next
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time authors grow up a report they should stop and take a look around. >> you can see our streets are in great shape. >> in concord, driving is a pleasure and popples, and cracks are difficult to come by. - potfuls them i challenge any the worse, that anybody finds 8- pothole. >> and it is difficult to paint this as a bad road way. however, concord has no role in the highway conditions. perhaps that is impacting the report. they want to set the record straight with concord spending $4 million annually on road conditions and the conditions are a source of pride for those responsible for keeping them up. city leaders are not mad about the report but did point out a recent metropolitan committee report. listed concord as the 10th best
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in the bay area. in concord, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> if your childrenyour childred but automobile is the leading cause of death for children between ages 3-14. the government is recommending car seats up to 40 lbs. and boosters years old. children should be writing and the back until each, 13. >> and extended forecast, the warming continues tomorrow, and the weekend. your full forecast on the heat wave coming up in just a bit.
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>> of major changes to take effect today of a health-care reform six months ago, what congress passed, and what will benefit and what changes, it gives the series, like cancer you cannot be dropped seven because your sixth. and if you no longer have a lifetime cap on benefits and annual limits will
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be phased out. if you have children, they cannot be denied coverage because of a pre- existing condition. they can be kept on your plan until they're 26. if you are on a new pan, you will not have to pay for mammography, costa be, any preventive care. or to visit- colonoscopy. >> and if you are already on the plan goes less to provisions. would not click and intelligentsia or first. >> online report card on the help the people living in san francisco was unveiled. with peace hundred people hurt/killed. and-a can of people killed, most likely in the financial district, chinatown, where the south of market neighborhood. the report card all social that on average, people lived here in the view hunters point can live 14 years less than up here in russian
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hill. tenderloin has the highest rate of hospitalizations and emergency room visits cardiovascular is the leader in san francisco overall. for and asian women have the longest life span. health officials are using disinformation to keep track and to keep health-keep this information. >> and the nation and obesity. america is leading 3-up of four are overweight, obese by 2020. it is the first-ever obesity forecast by the organization for economic. and disease rates, will blown agains unles historys is and government work together to combat the epidemic. >> a gorgeous picture from our mount pam cam a gorgeous sunshine a pretty mild day, with warmer temperatures. and even
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warmer through the weekend. temperatures are bumping up until the weekend, and 90's. inland. upper 90s for your weekend, 80s and the bayshore, 70's on the coast. more of the weekend in a moment but right now, we have a mix of '70s, '80s. low-mid 80s inland and a little bit cooler on the coast. 66 in san francisco, 63 in half moon bay. this warming trend will continue. and a look at tomorrow morning a little bit more mild conditions, expected. 7:00 a.m., the green is representative of the 60s and the blue is representative of the 50s. and by noon, we are seeing mostly '70s which is the yellow, and the 80s are orange. napa, petaluma, santa rosa, and ease the shores and those 80s will continue for most of the afternoon. those 80s. and with your kron 4 7 day around the bay 92 degrees inland, 97
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degrees saturday, sunday and that will even continue into next week. 100 degrees on monday! and even 90's. with mid '90s is going to feel like summer inland. >> just yesterday, third-party issues took on facebook for some users. today, the social not working at the struggle to stay online and web producer, em off and they have been fixed, and you-it is fixed, and it is light touch and go. all day, searching and people worspeople thinking t or you can comes up, like " those it disappeared. and what i and thought averell try to go on to facebook did not respond. however, the functions were not available i could not optimized status. and eventually, it stopped working, altogether.
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around 3:40 5:00 p.m. they sent out an update that there were experiencing some of sight is used. and interestingly enough is unrelated to yesterday's outage and later today. in another statement that they are apologizing to the users but very interesting that they did not say what was wrong. and to read all about the updates. this it was on the web what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> a live look at the first to commit on the golden gate bridge. the northbound, and the southbound on the left and a medium clit. no sign of that going fog. we will be right back. cooling fog clipped
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. >> you were is the merge about the european community in the u.s. job market. u.s. uncertainty and the unemployment benefits increased. the dow
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had a loss. and blockbuster has been mounting losses and finally cleaned bankruptcy. with the changing media consumption habits, now the 3300 hundrestore going to have new owners. >> and world news, leaders from all around the world gathered in newark at the united nations world summit today. -that majorca. president obama spoke about peace and the middle east, and the middle east. and also improving the global economy. >> so, america was torn with nations around the world to spur, growth. and america has grown with nations, and economy that will spur jobs, finance and beginning with wall street reform. and we're hoping like this will not for this will
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never happen again. >> and the u.s. got up and walked out as a foo, did the shd ahmadinejad spoke about the 911 during their un summit. that is one american politics got up and walk away. also, my god, to the judge would like to speak with recently released and also, up moot mock mood, did join ahmadio speak to recently released sharon shroud and look of this!
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in texas, mexico. ♪ at >> and quoted different weather pattern. with warmer conditions today it is pretty nice out there, today. as we go into tomorrow an additional five, 10 degrees warming is expected. this will continue with the weekend with temperatures in the upper 90s. 80s in the bayshore and low 70's close to the coastline. for the heat peak will see on the weekend. and inland and a special next week however, a cooling trend with normal conditions. >> a live look at the san francisco skyline. look at the beautiful blue sky! no clouds, and we will be right back with much more news, ahead.
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live from the bay area's news station xbçççthisç is kron 4f 5:30. >> at 5:30, within the hour, the çlegislative bodyça/aççç hs

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